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What can Co-libry do for you?

Data management

Co-libry eliminates inaccurate data. We capture, clean, and process your existing data to help you make better business decisions.

Real-time recommendations

Potential buyers or renters need a better way to discover listings beyond the standard search engine. Show them recommended listings based on their profile or similar listings.

Data enrichment

Your images and descriptions contain a lot of useful information. Extract untapped data and insights from listing photos and descriptions. 

Autogenerated SEO

Most real estate websites only target highly competitive keywords that have low conversion rates. We help you generate extra listing pages based on keywords from your descriptions and images.

Real estate analytics

Get detailed insights about your listings and users, better understand your customer journey, and target highly specific audiences.

Personalized ads

On average, a person sees over 3000 ads every day. Most ads are little or not personalized. Serve the right advertisement to the right visitor at the right time.

” Co-Libry helps us to make the search for a new home even easier for our clients. They offer our end customers the peace of mind of always being the first to know in addition to increased lead capture for us. ” 

Michiel Van Hove

Head of tech

Why pick Co-libry?

Real estate focussed

Specific expertise for real estate marketplaces and brokers.

Low effort

Low effort for your company because of the simple implementation.

Fast results

Our solutions have proven their capabilities for other companies, so why reinvent the wheel?