Improve your data

Improve and enrich your data with our AI engines through natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

This results in more features processable by your search engine and a quick way to improve conversions.


Complete your metadata

A lot of information is available in the text description of a listing. Usually, it contains important real estate related words that are not in the metadata (data taken into account as search criteria, such as price, number of bedrooms, and more).

The first type of AI engines were developed to process natural languages and gain valuable information from the descriptions.

Keyword detection

Our AI engines detect real estate related keywords such as terrace, kitchen, bath, garage, fireplace, and more.

Meta validation

We use the keywords in the descriptions to validate the metadata and correct the data if it’s wrong.

Metadata completion

Our engines use detected keywords to complete metadata so all relevant listings appear in search results.

“ 66% of a property’s data is not correctly filled in by real estate agencies. Result: listings won’t show in a search with relevant search criteria. ”


Image recognition

An image is worth a thousand words. Images contain important but unutilized information about the listings. This type of AI engine can identify rooms, detect objects, and recognize the state of the room.

This extra information guarantees better data quality and search results.

Room detection

Our AI engine recognizes 6 types of rooms: backyard, bedroom, bathroom, frontyard, living room, and kitchen. Based on this information, you can see what images the visitor views most.

Image object detection

We detect relevant objects in images, such as fridge, microwave, fireplace, toilet, and more. Based on this information, we enrich the metadata of the listings.

Image room state detection

Our engines detect whether a kitchen/bathroom is new, in good condition, or if it should be remodeled. This information is added to the meta data and becomes processable and searchable.


Enrich your data through AI

Natural language processing & image recognition


Enrich your data through AI

Natural language processing & image recognition