3 reasons why personalized content generates more revenue

27 Januari 2020 | 3min read

Netflix, Amazon and Spotify. What do they have in common? What is one of the reasons that these companies are so successful?

The answer: personalized content. This means that whatever the users of one of these platforms get to see, is based on their real-time behavior, clicks, views and more.

It used to be easy to just send out the same email to every customer. Now even a simple inclusion of the client’s name in a standardised email does not evoke any feeling or specialness. It’s often overlooked by customers.

“ We are entering the next level of maturity with regard to content personalization, beyond real-time name and content replacement ” 

(A. Lee Judge, Forbes)

This is why it’s important to understand why personalization is essential for your business.

Here are 3 reasons why personalized content generates more revenue:

  • Resonance with your customers
  • Connections through personalization
  • Relevance over saturation

Resonance with visitors

Perhaps one of the most important aspects that are often overlooked. Resonance with visitors is the key to increase your revenue. Your users want to feel that you are not just a big machine that throws random content at them.

Netflix is an amazing example of personalization done right. The platform monitors every click, every pause or addition to your watchlist. They gather all the necessary data to recommend the content you will most likely be interested in.

One of the key differentiators of Netflix’s personalization strategy is that their algorithm doesn’t take into account gender or age, but prefers your personal interests. Moreover, the overall look of the Netflix player may differ depending on when you logged in. The same logic works for their recommendations.

All of these contributes to the feeling every Netflix user that the platform knows you maybe even better than your other half.


Connections through personalization

Personalized content helps you connect with your visitors. They get a feeling that they are understood. The long term relationship develops which makes them come back for more and makes them tell this to other people.

Numerous statistics and research prove that the bigger chunk of the revenue companies get comes from long-term customers rather than new customers. This means that in order to have stable sales you should have a good base of customers who return to your website and tell other people about the great experience they had with your platform.

Every company needs to invest the energy and time to save each valuable customer, have them come back for more and make sure they recommend your website. One of the best ways to do this is by personalizing your content.


Relevance over saturation

Nowadays, advertisements are absolutely everywhere. On our news feed, Youtube videos, TV, etc. They are so omnipresent that our brain has developed an instinct to pass them, even without so much as glancing at them.

Of course, there should be a solution to this, right? Your ads should scream relevance when it is shown to your visitors.

A real estate website, for example, has thousands of properties and a ton of different advertisements that are available to each visitor. With this overload of information, it’s very hard for someone to quickly find the best properties and see relevant advertisements.

Through AI and data driven solutions, Co-libry enables your real estate website to provide personalized content for each visitor. This is based on the data of all your properties and real-time user features such as clicks, scrolls, views and more.

For example: a visitor just saw a house that needs a bathroom renovation and is now reading a blog about renovation. Why not show him or her an advertisement about bathroom renovations?

Content that is relevant to your target audience is the only content you should produce. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.






AI and personalization made easy

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AI and personalization made easy

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