Turn your existing traffic into quality leads

Improve conversion rates of the traffic you already have with Co-libry’s plugin & play lead boosting tools

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The problem

Marketeers are selling their services to optimize your ads and get you more traffic. But more traffic isn’t always the answer.

You can choose to focus on improving the conversion of the traffic already on your website.

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The solution

At Co-libry, we focus on visitors already present on the website, we optimise the conversion rate. This to avoid spending money on advertisements or a new website without real return.

Get it done with us

The Co-libry Lead Booster combines the power of AI and data. Our plug and play smart solutions are specifically developed for real estate agencies and their website.


Smart popups

The plug and play smart popup, appears at the best moment, with the right call to action and personalized content.

Smart email

Thanks to a CRM connection, the Co-libry Smart Email can send properties according to the users needs and wishes.

Smart insights

We’ll send you insights about your data, so you can follow along how your lead base is growing with Co-libry.

Smart popups

The Co-libry smart popup can convey the right message at the right time, turning visitors into leads. Whether your customer wants to make an appointment, get an estimation about their home, or receive new listings tailored to their requirements.

Smart email

Thanks to the CRM connection, the Co-libry Smart Email can send properties according to the users needs and wishes. We can send recommendations based on their user profile and push back updates to your CRM when their profile changes.

Users get more and better emails, so they have a higher chance of conversion.

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Smart insights

When a user is active on the website, the Co-libry Smart Insights gathers all interactions and starts building user profiles. It uses AI to define the type of user and to predict the chance of conversion.

Based on this profile Co-libry can further personalise marketing automation and the physical user contact.

How it works

Step 1: install script

Co-libry will provide you a small script that needs to be implemented on your website. We recommend to do this via Google Tag Manager. Need help? We can do this for you!

Step 2: data capture

Co-libry needs some time to capture and analyze visitor data. After a few weeks, we’ll have plenty of data to start making correct assumptions.

Step 3: integration

We’ll set up a connection with your CRM so we can push leads to you and pull interesting information to complete user profiles.

"Co-Libry builds for every website visitor a hyper-personal profile. Enabling them to find the right match. Beside the higher lead capturing for us as Hillewaere, Co-libry also offers a peace of mind for our clients. They know they'll directly get the right houses."

Michiel Van Hove
CTO Hillewaere Groep

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