Co-libry X Property Portal Watch Conference in Bangkok

5 Februari 2020 | 1min read

The 28th Property Portal Watch Conference will be held in Bangkok from 26th to 27th February 2020.

Under the theme “Disrupt or Be Disrupted” the conference runs for two days. You will hear from C-Level speakers from around the world on how they are disrupting their local industries and creating new revenue streams.

Wendy, the CEO of Co-libry will attend the conference in Bangkok.

About Property Portal Watch

Online Marketplaces is a media company providing news and conferences in online cars, jobs and real estate portals. Online Marketplaces is the owner of Property  Portal Watch, Jobs Portal Watch and Auto Portal Watch. 

PPW is the specialist in the global property portal industry providing news, opinion, insight and analysis through the website of Property Portal Watch. The company organises global events for executives in Property Portals as well as consultancy and data services.

Launched by industry expert Simon Baker in 2008, Property Portal Watch (PPW) has grown to provide news and analysis, regular international conferences (such as Madrid and Bangkok) as well as consulting and advisory work. 

Read more about Property Portal Watch on our partnership page.

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