The Power of Real Estate Personalization

8 june 2021 | 3 min read

real estate personalization

There is always a ‘next big thing’ in every industry and articles about them can tend to feel underwhelming, especially for people outside that sector.

The real estate industry is not very different when it comes to these changes. There is always a new technology or a new trend to hop on, but most of these trends never rise to the expectations.

However, in recent times, many portals saw a surge in users on their websites. Even if the exact reason can not be pinpointed, we know for a fact that the role that property portals play in the lives of people around the world is changing, and the products themselves are starting to evolve to reflect this. Look closely enough and you can see the trend towards personalization. It hasn’t arrived everywhere yet, but it will. 

Recently our Co-founder Wendy was seen in an interview with Online Marketplaces discussing this topic. We summarized it for you in this blog post.

Here are the 4 topics they covered in their article:

  • Why Personalization
  • What Forms is This Personalization Taking
  • What are the Big Portals Doing
  • Shopping is Shopping even when it’s Property shopping

In this article, we will only cover the first topic as it was the only part discussed by Wendy.

Here is the full article by Online marketplaces if you want to hear the full story.

Why Personalization?

As stated by our CEO Wendy, “e-commerce has a big impact on user behavior online”.

Hyper personalization has been a goal of marketers at e-commerce companies for some time and that is filtering to other corners of the internet.

Users have accepted and come to expect that e-commerce stores will use cookies and other tools to track behavior on their sites with the aim of improving individual user experience.

Browsing a real estate website, even if it is a more expensive form, is still considered to be shopping nonetheless. And what works on e-commerce sites will probably work on property portals.

Personalization for the customer journey

There has been a long-lasting assumption among portals that customers had a good idea of what they wanted when they visited a portal. This might have been true for a long time, but recently we were able to notice a trend towards window shopping.

The result is that many visitors may not even realize that they are in the market for a new house yet. For this reason, the role of a property portal is no longer to just match the simply and demand, but also to spark interest and help increase the demand.

And the only way to do that is to keep the visitors interested by showing them personalized listings that will keep them intrigued.

Watch the full interview here:


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