What is it like to work for Co-libry?

24 April 2020 | 3min read

Sam is working at Co-libry for over a year so we decided to ask him some questions about his experience with the company.


What is your function at Co-libry and what does it contain?

I’m the data scientist of Co-libry. A data scientist is basically the wizard behind the data, but the magic is the use of methods, processes and algorithms to solve complex problems.

My job doesn’t consist solely of the science part, it also has elements of the job of a Data Engineer. The created models to solve the business problems of our clients have to be used in production, meaning that I also have to build the cloud infrastructure around the data models.


How did you end up at Co-libry?

I did a student job at a data consultancy in the summer of 2018. Wendy was customer of that IT consultancy and later was in the need of a data scientist. The consultancy recommended talking to me and in February 2019 she contacted me if I was interested to talk about a potential job at Co-libry.

Personally I didn’t have the biggest expectations, but as Wendy talked I was getting more and more interested. This wasn’t a normal job interview at all, which I loved, it was an informal and sociable talk between two potential collaborators. This was also a nice indication how Wendy runs Co-libry.


What is it like to work for Co-libry?

The business culture is wonderful, Co-libry has a really flat hierarchical architecture meaning that everybody’s voice is equal and heard. Everybody involved helped to create the Co-libry we know today, and will help to create the Co-libry we will know tomorrow. Co-libry’s team is great, the spirit is great and we have great forward momentum. In addition, Co-libry is agile and divers, making it possible to swiftly realign the resources where needed.

I can keep on going but this would turn into a book instead of a blog post, but allow me to add in one more thing. Co-libry provides you the possibilities to shape your skills as you desire and assists you in developing yourself.

Biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is to get everything done, as we are a start-up there are a million and one things to do, preferably done yesterday. Currently, at home I have a post-it wall to keep track of everything that has to be done in the near future but luckily I haven’t ran out of space yet. But this also possess a great opportunity to never lose sight where you’re working to, which I love. In addition, Wendy marvellously manages the priorities.


Describe Co-libry in one word

That’s a really difficult one, strongly depends on the context. If you would ask me to describe it in 5 words it would still be hard. So I’ll give myself the liberty to describe co-libry in one word given the context:
Team context: cozy
Business context: goal-oriented
Technical context: innovative

To summarize: I loved my first year at Co-libry and I’m looking forward to the upcoming years!

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