Increased revenue through personalized second transaction advertisements for Immovlan.

Artificial Intelligence – Personalized advertisements

Client: ImmoVlan

Challenge: Improve CTR and lead generation rate on 2nd transaction advertisements.

Who is Immovlan?

With almost 3 million visits a month and over 120.000 real estate ads, Immovlan is the 2nd largest real estate website in Belgium. They offer all kinds of properties, sale or rental, such as: houses, apartments, building plots, garages, offices, commercial premises, new houses and more.


Immovlan has all kinds of different ads such as insurance, renovations and bank loans. The ads that were shown are very general and not specific for the individual visitor on their website.

Their ad clients wanted to get better performance and wanted to target specific audiences.

“With their focus on collecting and analyzing data, Co-libry can help real estate portals that are looking to optimize their current business model and portals that are looking to develop new business model.”

Mike Soudan, Key account manager


We determined the customer journey phases for Immovlan (exploration, specific search, sales, moving, owning and more). We also tracked the user behaviour of every visitor and looked at metric such as: viewed pages, clicks, scrolls, viewed images and more.

Based on these elements, we were able to build specific audiences and match visitor and ad.


With our solution, Immovlan has a better customer satisfaction because the visitor sees more relevant advertisements. As a result there is a higher click through ratio, a higher return on investment and the ads generate more revenue.


AI and personalization made easy

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AI and personalization made easy

Start today!