More accurate data. Better business decisions

Co-libry eliminates inaccurate data. We capture, clean, and process your existing data to help you make better business decisions.


Understand your customer

We capture everything. Anytime a visitor on your site clicks, scrolls, visits a page or views an ad, we collect the data to give you better insight.

No more paying for expensive software like
Google Analytics 360. Our team at Co-libry
has you covered at a fraction of the cost.

“ Garbage in, garbage out. Instead, we get your data right the first time. ”


Trusted data for listings

When it comes to your listings, accuracy is key. We collect, process, and clean the data that goes into your listings.

By connecting with your database, we ensure that the entirety of your data is accurate, including pricing, addresses, descriptions, images, and more.


Leveraging open data

We use any available data to help give your business an advantage, including public transport, parks, shops, schools, restaurants, and more.

In addition to open data sources, we can use virtually any external database to help you make decisions that take every possible factor into consideration.


Tailor-made for real estate, cars and job portals. No general e-commerce solutions.

Brain Power

Machine learning and AI engines learning from global datasets. Use the power of a global super brain. 


Infrastructure that can scale to hundreds of thousands of events per second. 

Discover other Co-libry features

Recommended sorting

Users can sort their search results based on their interest. The listings with the highest probability to buy or rent, will be presented first.

User profile

Get an overview of a singe user’s actions, their profile and history. Create targeted campaigns that show user’s personalized content based on their previous actions.


Get your data foundations right

Discover do’s and don’ts


Get your data foundations right

Discover do’s and don’ts