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At Co-libry we are all completely committed to help you find your dream home. Want to know more about our team? Get to know us a little!


Wendy Geeraert


Wendy is co-founder and CEO of Co-libry. An entrepreneur since childhood, she started Co-libry during her own search for a new home, thereby creating a fresh way to “pick out the property forest from the trees”. She is personally responsible for the vision, strategy and growth of the company. Wendy holds lectures on entrepreneurship and attempts to motivate young women, just like her, to take their place in the world of business. Her passion for logic and parameters combined with her education as an architectural engineer explains her unique view of the field of real estate.


Fréderic Geeraert


Fréderic is co-founder and CMO/CSO of Co-libry. He is responsible for marketing and sales, and also keeps his finger on the pulse in the development of interesting and unique ways to make real estate simpler and more accessible. Fréderic is co-founder Wendy’s brother; from an early age they became involved in the property transactions made by their parents.


Anna Praet


Anna is co-founder and CFO at Co-libry. She supervises the company’s bookkeeping, is responsible for maintaining relations with Co-libry partners and always provides a warm welcome at the Co-libry office. Anna also supports the sales team as a seasoned property investor.


Maarten Belmans


Maarten works on Co-libry website development together with Anthony. His goal is to produce an improved product for each new version, in which our Users stand central.


Magalie De Meyer


Magalie is our copywriter. She has been passionate about all aspects of language since childhood. She is also our in-house blogger and is dedicated to clarifying and describing property issues for our site visitors.

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